Scientific Vision and Objectives of the Educational Administration Study Program


Scientific Vision

Producing Education Administration experts based on Public Administration Science who are professional in Education Governance, Education Bureaucracy and oriented towards the application of Educational Administration Technology that is competitive at the Southeast Asian (regional) level.


  1. Producing graduates who are able to make a scientific contribution in the field of education management in government and private sectors based on the knowledge of Public Administration (Good Governance).
  2. Produce Bachelors (S1) in Educational Administration who are competent in practice in educational institutions and have professionalism in solving educational problems in educational administration technology-based.
  3. Become part of the institutional development of professional providers in the field of Educational Administration who are tough, competitive and broad-minded, innovative, creative and have an entrepreneurial spirit (edupreneurship) in facing the challenges ahead.
  4. Increasing the participation of the Education Administration Study Program as a superior study program to become a center for the development of research and community services in the field of education in Indonesia based on the established strategic plan.
  5. Increase the number of professionals in the field of education administration in education planning and policy in the education bureaucracy (Ministry and Education Office).
  6. Also contributing to the efforts of Universitas Brawijaya to become one center of excellence in procuring academic staff who have professional skills in educational governance that are competitive at the national and regional levels.