Profile of the Master of Public Administration Study Program



The educational philosophy of the Master of Public Administration program is GovernanceHis philosophy is based on approval of the current developments in Administration studies. The development of Administration studies was then developed through a new curriculum (2017). This educational philosophy is discussed with users, university partners and alumni as it is important for studying the program to differentiate our students from other courses with the same core knowledge.

The philosophy of governance was actualized into the new curriculum offered in 2017. This philosophy is demonstrated in public ethics and accountability, and Public Sector Change and Culture. Also, there are two subjects that are being reformed in the syllabus: public administration reform, and governance and partnerships.

The teaching and learning approach at MPAP is student center learning (SCL) which reflects the expected learning outcomes. Lecturers use techniques and materials to support their teaching methods, and students are encouraged to present their ideas and concepts in public administration issues throughout the course.