Vision Mission and Objectives of the Master of Business Administration Study Program



Become center of excellence the Master of Business Administration program at the national level and recognized by the ASEAN community in implementing the Tri Dharma of higher education to build civilization, science, and technology to solve societal problems with a business administration approach.


1. Implement and develop a management system for the Master of Business Administration Study Program (MAB PS) that is professional, transparent and accountable to be able to provide excellent service to stakeholders. 

2. Organizing and developing education using modern technology that is adaptive to changes in the business environment so as to produce graduates who uphold the values of faith, morals, science, creativity, democracy and responsibility. 

3. Conduct research by prioritizing professionalism and academic ethics to develop theories that suit the needs of a dynamic business environment. 

4. Carry out community service as an implementation of the theory of research results by providing alternative solutions to problems faced by the community. 


Producing Masters of Business Administration, with the following qualities:

1) Be open, responsive to changes and progress in science and technology as well as problems faced by society.

2) Mastering the theory and research methodology of administrative science, so that the analysis of business administration research results is useful for the development of science and the interests of society.

3) Have the ability to develop professional competence in a professional organization.

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