Vision, Mission and Objectives



To become a center for providing leading and competitive Indonesian human resources in the field of Administrative Sciences at national and international levels by 2025 and to have noble morals so that they are able to make the highest contribution to humanity and the welfare of the Nation and the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.


  1. Develop administrative science that has theoretical and policy relevance based on a transdisciplinary approach in accordance with the pace of development of science and technology. 
  2. Increasing the capacity for independence and noble character, which is based on social, cultural, political and economic constellations, which are commensurate and conducive to realizing the comfort and prosperity of national life, and equality of life between dignified nations.
  3. Instill and foster a strong and deep sense of nationality.


  1. Equipping students with knowledge to anticipate the development of the latest science and technology needed in accordance with the spirit of techno-science.
  2. Develop scientific attitudes, behavior and ethics as well as attitudes and behavior towards science.
  3. Conducting research and development based on a transdisciplinary approach.
  4. Creating an educational climate that respects ethnic diversity and the background of students as a nation.
  5. Growing sensitivity to the development of society and the life of the nation, and awareness to contribute to meeting the needs of the nation.
  6. Realizing graduates who always prioritize the interests of the nation in all matters it faces.