Graduate of Educational Administration Study Program



The profile of graduates of the Educational Administration Study Program in the IQF includes level 6 which is grouped into technician and analytical positions in the field of educational administration. Graduate work positions are positions in the tasks of planners and developers, managers, supervisors, and office management in educational institutions in formal and non-formal education channels both those held by the government and non-government. Every graduate of the FIA UB Educational Administration Study Program can carry out tasks in the role of:
a. Implementing education unit governance, development team at the education unit level.
b. Analysts, planners, implementers of governance (processors), supervisors, and developers in the implementation of education in the ministry of education, foundations, education offices, education and training institutions/agencies/pusdiklat, education organizations, and other education services
c. Directors, managers, supervisors of educational institutions
d. Administrative staff and personnel in units of educational institutions (elementary schools to tertiary institutions)
e. Administrative staff/personnel within the ministry of education and culture or within the regional education office.
f. Education planning analyst and education policy analyst within the ministry of education and culture or regional education office.
g. Consultants and instructors/tutors in the development of education personnel