No. 725/UN10.F03.01/PP/2022


Informed all students of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Brawijaya regarding activities Even Semester Registration for Academic Year 2021/2022 are as follows :

  1. Administration Registration

a. Administrative Registration (UKT/SPP Payment) will be held on 24 January to 03 February 2022

b. Payment procedures can be seen at:

  1. Academic Registration

a. Academic Registration (Filling KRS) will be held on the date 31 January to 04 February 2022

b. Cancel Add KRS courses are held on 07 to 11 February 2022 (Mandatory with the approval of the Academic Advisor Lecturer)

c. Cancelled KRS courses were held on 14 to 18 February 2022 (Mandatory with the approval of the Academic Advisor Lecturer)

  1. Relevant Faculty Helpdesk Team (KRS and UKT/SPP) Public Major (S1): Related to Study Plan Card (KRS)
    • Riris Mahmudah Utami, SH, SE (HP No. 082331018665)

    Business Major (S1): Related to Study Plan Card (KRS)

    • Anisah, S.AB (HP No. 082141814225)

     Regarding Single Tuition Fee (UKT/SPP)

    • Agung Suprianto, S.AB, MAP (HP No. 081334404906)
  2. Student Advocacy Team

for students who are struggling with Eye Studying / Class Schedule offered (can not class /
clash) students can contact Advocacy representatives according to their respective Study Programs
then submitted to the KRS Online officer,
list Name Advocacy as follows :
1. study program Administration Public Name : Traisa Prameswari (No.HP.085707098673)
2. Name Library Science Study Program : Aka Hariska (HP No. 085804728074)

3. study program Education Administration Name : Tarisma (HP No. 082398319549)
1. study program Name Business Administration : Anisa Maharani (HP No. 082293227997)
2. Name Taxation Study Program : Sabrina Zahra Rivai (No. HP. 085279799220)
3. Tourism Study Program Name : Ridho Ramadhan (No. HP, 083811680691)

Thus this announcement, and it is important for students to pay attention.


Official Announcement :

1. Even Semester 2021 Registration Announcement

2. KRS Advocacy Announcement



Malang, January 17, 2022

an. Dean

vice dean of academic fields




Arik Prasetya, S.Sos., M.Sc., Ph.D.

NIP. 197602092006041001

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