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Nomor: 13232/UN10.3/AK/2014

We inform to all student of Science of Public Administration, faculty of Administration Science Brawijaya University in connection with Guest Lecture from UUM Malaysia which will be held on:

                    Day/Date            : Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

                    Time                     : 09.00 wib

                    Place                     : Hall Building A , 4th Floor

                    Spokesman         : Ahmad Martadha Mohamad Assoc. Prof. Ph.D.

                     Theme/ Title      : Representative Bureucracy the Entry of Women
                                                       And Minority Groups in The Malaysian Civil Service.

To all bachelor degree student who took these following subject :

  1. Organisation and Administration Theory Class-G (Lecture: Niken Lastiti V. A., SAP., MAP)
  2. Organisation and Administration Theory Class-J (Lecture: Dr. Endah Setyowati, S.Sos., M.Si)
  3. Public Management Theory Class-C (Drs. Fadillah Amin, MAP)
  4. International Relationship Class-E (Lecture: Dr. Hermawan, M.Si)
  5. Public Management Information System Class-H (Lecture: Nurjati Widodo, SAP., MAP)
  6. Indonesian Government System Class-B (Lecture: Niken Lastiti V.A., , SAP., MAP.)
  7. Indonesian Government System Class-J (Lecture: Shinta Heppy Y., MPA)
  8. Urban Develoment Policy Class-B ( Lecture: Moh. Said, S.Sos., MAP.)
  9. Environment Policy Class-K (Lecture: Dr. Imam Hanafi, M.Si.)
  10. Leadership Class-K (Lecture: Dr. Sarwono, M.Si)


  1. Student Of Magister Program S-@ Class Double Degree Subject. Research Method by Lecture Dr. Suryadi, MS.


  1. Student of Doctoral Program Subject. Research Method by Prof. Dr. Abdul Juli Andi Gani and Dr. Suryadi, MS


COMPULSARY ATTENDANCE for the agenda above,and it will count as attendance for class.


thus, to be concerned.

Malang, Oktober 14th, 2014
On Behalf of Dean
Head Of Administration,
Drs. Lukisan Edy Kuncoro
NIP. 19591113.198103.1.002