All papers, except selected papers for journal publication, will be published in a Proceedings with ISSN.

Selected papers will be submitted to national and international reputable scientific journals. Please note that all papers submitted to scientific journals are subject for peer reviews system within each journal. Once accepted, all related publication fee from the journal (if any) is fully under the author’s responsibility to fulfill. 

SINTA-indexed Journals:

  • Jurnal Borneo Administrator (Sinta 2)
  • Jurnal Masyarakat dan Budaya (Sinta 2)
  • JKAP UGM (Sinta 2)
  • Bisnis & Birokrasi (Sinta 2)
  • Journal of Government and Civil Society  (Sinta S2)
  • Journal of Governance and Public Policy  (Sinta S2)
  • Lentera Pustaka (Sinta S3)
  • Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi (JIA) (Sinta 3)

Scopus-indexed Journals:

  • International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment (Q3)
  • Multicultural Education (Scopus Q2)
  • Public Policy and Administration (Scopus Q2)
  • Journal of Population Research (Scopus Q2)
  • Current Psychology (Scopus Q2)
  • Applied Research in Quality of Life (Scopus Q2)
  • Economy & Sociology (Scopus Q2)
  • Telecommunication Policy (Scopus Q1)
  • BMJ Global Health (Scopus Q1)