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Follow up and confirms the announcement of the Dean of the Faculty of Administration No. 10988 / UN10.3 / KM / 2015 dated August 13, 2015 which have been published previously, informed back to all the old students who have not followed or have not graduated PKKMABA to immediately enroll and pay attention to the following additional announcements :

  1. Attributes Mala Adiraja
  2. Platoon division Mala
  3. Maps platoon Adiraja
  4. Maps Faculty
  5. Task PKKMABA First Day MALA
  6. Assignment song Adiraja
  7. List Mentor Adiraja

List the name of the old students who must attend re PKKMABA on 2-3 September 2015 can be seen here. Thus this announcement to be a concern for all parties concerned.

Thank you,
Committee PKKMABA “Adiraja FIA 2015”

Source: http://fia.ub.ac.id/blog/pengumuman/pkkmaba-ulang-bagi-mahasiswa-program-sarjana-angkatan-2011-2014.html (WN)