Odd Semester Make-up Final Exams Year of 2014/2015 Posted on 21st January 2015

Here can be downloaded the list of student name which can follow up this Odd Semester Make-up Final Exams year of 2014/2015, attached here. here.



  • For students which attached on the list above, but not complete the Make-up Exams data yet (NIM, Courses, Class and Lecture) please contact the Academic Divisions not more than 20th January 2015
  • If more than that date certainty so the filling administration of Make-up Exams can not be processed
  • Make-up exams implementation taken directly meet up with the courses lecture after verificate the data in the Sub Academic Divisions
  • Students can ask for the Make-up Exams letter in the Academic Divisions (for Business Administration please contact Mr. M. Bisri, and for Public Administration please contact Mr. Khairul Anam), on work days until 20th January 2015, 14.00 WIB
  • Make-up Exams letter furthermore can be taken when meet the courses lecture to ask for make-up exams




  • For students which already summon up the doctor letter reference or other letter which already agree by faculty leaders but the name not on the list yet, please contact the Sub Academic Divisions before 20th January 2015, 14.00 WIB


Thank you for your understanding


Thank you

The Sub Academic Divisions of FIA UB