Walking for healthy living and Gardening by Faculty of Administration in order of 54th dies natalis

Jalan Sehat Dies FIA ke 54Walking for healthy living in order of 54th Faculty of administration dies natalis, Sunday, 19th October, 2014. Faculty of Administration held a walking for healthy living in order to FIA 54th dies natalis. The event was attended by the Rector and some of the senior leaders in Brawijaya university. Around at 06.00 am, a healthy walking was opened by the Rector, previously performed the ribbon-cutting then were raised by hundreds of balloons. In addition it was also attended by all the academicians of FIA, including the freshmen class of 2014. This healthy walking take the route around the campus, without going out to the highway. The healthy walking delegation arrived at the faculty around 6:45 am.

FIA Berkebun 2014The occasions continued with “FIA Gardening” program, which is planting a lot of trees in the FIA’s gazebo by freshmen class of 2014, which previou symbolically iniated by the FIA’s dean and UB’s rector. Hopefully with this event marks the continued progress and development of the FIA in the future. (WN)