Cooperation of Brigham Young University, Harvard University, and Stanford University with Business Department of FIA UB to Conduct International BMC

In the beginning of 2015, Administration Faculty of Brawijaya University (FIA UB) is honored by three major university of United States, which are Brigham Young University, Harvard University, and Stanford University. All of them, who ran International Business Model Competition (IBMC), have officially cooperated with Business Department of FIA UB to exhibit the qualification phase of Business Model Competition (BMC) for South East Asia regional. In this case, the winner of the of the annual business model competition organized by business department has the chance to join the IBMC that is organized in United States involving hundreds of teams from many country.


Through his email, Director of IBMC Jeff Brown stated that his team has been looked closely to the BMC that has been twice organized by the Business Department in an event entitled “Espirex”. Jeff believed that the implementation and the supporting system also the vision to continue and develop the event to a further state could be seen through the management of Espirex these years. In the following are some quotation from Jeff Brown’s email, whom is also working as the Assistant Director in Rollins Center, Brigham Young University:

“My team and I have looked closely at your Espriex 2.0 Business Model Competition and are very impressed at what you are doing. Based on the foundation and support system you have in place and your goals to continue to improve and expand the competition in the future, we would like to officially invite Espriex to be a qualifier competition for the IBMC. As a qualifier competition, the winner of Espriex will receive an automatic invite to participate in person at the international event usually held each year in May.”

Surat dari Direktur International Business Model Competition

Surat dari Direktur International Business Model Competition

Of course this honor has been such a great reward for the hard work done by all of the Business Development Teachers in these two years. Although the business approach that initially founded by Alexander Osterwalder is now trending between both middle-up and low-end world-class businessmen, there are still some businessmen and students in Indonesia that still haven’t known this. That’s why, cooperation with the IBMC organizer will be one of the momentums to introduce the business model to students and businessmen in Indonesia, and also to embody the vision of Business Department of FIA UB to be the referrer of business administration science development in the international.

In last November 2014, Espirex 2.0: Business Model Competition joined by 90 teams in the qualification and 14 teams in the final, some of them are from Gadjah Mada University, Ciputra University, Agriculture Institute of Bogor, Lampung University, PPM School of Management, Hang Tuah University Surabaya, Putra Malaysia University, Singapore Polytechnic, and the host Brawijaya University. (ALA/FIA)