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Notified to the students of S1 of Public Administration, Faculty of Administrative Science in connection with the holding of guest lecture will be held on:

Day / Date: Wednesday, April 20, 2016
Time: 09.00 s / d Finish
Venue: Hall fourth floor of Building A FIA – UB
Speaker: Dr. Otto Nur Abdullah (National Commission on Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia)
Theme: Public Service in Human Rights Perspective

To the students who program the following subjects:

1. Mk. Schools and Higher Education Management Class B (lecturers: Dr. Choirul Saleh, M.Si)
2. Mk. Social Systems Culture Class E (lecturers: Niken Lastiti, VA, SAP, MAP)
3. Mk. Global Governance Class A (lecturers: Dr. Fadillah Amin, MAP, P.hD)
4. Mk. Development Planning Class A (lecturers: Dr. M. Rozikin, MAP)
5. Mk. Capita Selecta Enterprise Class J (lecturers: Nana Abdul Aziz, SAP, MAP)
MANDATORY PRESENCE on the activities mentioned above, proof of attendance will be counted as face-to-face lectures.
Thus on this notification in order to make the note.

a.n. Dean,
Prodi Chairman of the Public Administration


Dr. Lely Beautiful Mindarti, M.Si
NIP 196905242002122002