Public Administration Program

Faculty of Administrative Science Universitas Brawijaya
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In addition, the structure of the curriculum has been adjusted to the load of the national curriculum. This is evident from the inclusion of 15 national compulsory subjects in the curriculum. As shown in table, the compulsory subjects consist of national, university, faculties, departments, and study program compulsories. In optional subjects, students can choose subjects according to the concentration of interest.

Table. Structure of Curriculum

Type of Subject Knowledge Block Courses
Compulsory Subjects 48 credits of National Compulsory Organizational Theory, Introduction to Public Administrative Science, Law of Public Administration, Management Principles, Development Admnistration, Ethics in Public Administration, Indonesian Public Administration System, Research Method, Public Policy I & II, Information System Management of Public Sector, Bureaucracy, Leadership, Decision Making, Public Service Management, Human Resource Management for Public Sector.
24 credits of University Mandatory Religion, Pancasila, Citizenship Education, Indonesian Language, English Language, Entrepreneurship, Internship,  Minor Thesis
3 credits of Faculty Mandatory Organizational Behavior & Development
6credits of Department Mandatory History of Administrative Science Thinking, Developmental Theory
57 credits of Study Program Mandatory Administration Analysis, Indonesian Political System, Indonesian Social Cultural System, Organizational Communication, Statistic, Public Administration Theory, Performance in Public Sector Organization, Developmental Planning, Local Governmental System, Public Management Theory, Strategic Management for Public Sector, Methods of Scientific Writing, Governance Theory, Global Governance, Qualitative & Quantitative Data Analysis, Development of Capacity and Institusional of Public Sector, Public Finance Management, Comparative of Public Administration, Administrative Reform
Optional Subjects 6 credits

(choose 2 courses)

of Study Program Mandatory

Ecology of Administration, Developmental Economy & Politics, Fiscal & Financial Policy, Urban Developmental Policy, Empowerment of Local Community and Resource
3 credits

(choose 1 course)

of Study Program Mandatory

Seminar of Public Policy Issues (Concentration)
Seminar of Public Service Issues (Concentration)
Seminar of Developmental Issues (Concentration)
Seminar of Governmental Issues (Concentration)
Total 147 credits

Diagram. Percentage of distribution course in PASP


In general, the curriculum consists of two main blocks as follows:

  1. Basic knowledge including Religion, Pancasila, Citizenship Education, Indonesian Language, English Language, and Entrepreneurship,
  2. Specialized knowledge including all subjects within the field of Public Administration. (see Appendix 13)