Public Administration Program

Faculty of Administrative Science Universitas Brawijaya
Ditulis pada 20 August 2013 , oleh nurjati widodo

Work Program of  Public Administration Department in 2009-2013

1. Short Term

  • Mapping lecturers’ area of expertise
  • Assisted Subjects were aligned between areas of expertise with teaching, supervising a theses and internship by considering aspects of equalization;
  • Development studies center (laboratory) that based on specialization / concentration courses as a base linkage development of teaching, research, and community service;
  • Opening of new courses: administration of education and development planning;
  • Opening English as an International Class embryos; and
  • The lecturer of  Public Administration is using  the “Knowledge Garden Brawijaya (BKG)” in order to publish their scientific works.

2. Long Term 

  • Achievement of ISO 9000;
  • Encourage faculty to increase financial support for lecturers to continue their education;
  • Increased transparency, accountability, and fairness in every activity to create professionalism in resource management;
  • Improving the curriculum of 2007 that adapted to global standards;
  • Making cooperation with the user where the student conduct an internship  with related institutions. This cooperation is a bridge that draws prospective graduates to the labor market;
  • Increase the number of research, books and scientific papers as well as formal education lecturers thereby increasing the functional positions of lecturers as well as the existence of the Department;
  • All lecturers Department of Public Administration FAS UB who want to study further abroad have followed courses in English and other foreign languages in accordance with the needs of host institution; and
  • Lecturer of  Public Administration  granted assistance to perform application tasks studying abroad, with the help of connecting to several universities abroad

More can be seen in Proker Jurusan Administrasi Publik 2009-2013