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In Monday (2/9), it has been such an important day for the Commissary of PT. Pupuk Indonesia Holding Company, Megananda Daryono. Studied in the Faculty of Administrative Science of Brawijaya University (FIA UB) since 2010, now Megananda is officially awarded Ph.D. in field of Administration Science with Business Administration specialist, after defending his dissertation from […]

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Exactly at February 6th 2015, yesterday, Drs. Lukisan Edi Kuncoro was no longer appointed as the Head of Administration in FIA UB. He was replaced by Ir. Puji Usmanto. Meanwhile Edi, Edi Kuncoro’s nick name, is now appointed as the Head of Procurement, which is located at the Rectorate Building of Brawijaya University. For the […]

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There is another national achievement coming for Faculty of Administrative Science of University of Brawijaya (FIA UB). At this time the students who joined Administratio Choir were awarded as the Champion of Choir Festival 2015 held by Technology Institute of Bandung (ITB). The choir competition held for its 24th times was passed by Administratio Choir […]

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In the beginning of 2015, Administration Faculty of Brawijaya University (FIA UB) is honored by three major university of United States, which are Brigham Young University, Harvard University, and Stanford University. All of them, who ran International Business Model Competition (IBMC), have officially cooperated with Business Department of FIA UB to exhibit the qualification phase […]

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ANNOUNCEMENT Number:833/UN10.3/KM/2015   Reherseal Implementation and Graduation Toga Taking, the 5th Period year of 2014/2015 (24th January 2015) of 2014/2015 will be held on: Day/Date             : Friday/23rd January 2015 Time                      : 08.30 WIB Venue                  : 4th Floor Venue of A Building FIA UB   TOGA TAKING AND GRADUATION INVITATION FOR GRADUATION CANDIDATES: The 5th Period […]

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