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The world could be just the better place if everyone only needs a single click on his or her computers to acquire any information. That’s what was said by the Dr. Rein van Chaldorp in the guest lecture that was presented by the Library Science Program, Public Administration Department FIA UB associated with Forum Kerjasama […]

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At this time, almost every national government in the world has opened the public participation in creating their policies. This is done so that the policy that was created was reflecting the initiation of the people for their own country. That is the current global trend that was explained by Dr. Halimah Abdul Manaf in […]

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The Laboratory of Politics and Governance of Administration Faculty of Brawijaya University held a National Academic Workshop discussing a controversial issue in the national politics, which is Law no. 22 of 2014 about the Election of Governor, Regent, and Major in the last Monday (12/1). The laboratory running under the Department of Public Administration invited […]

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The important role of youth, especially college students, in the success of the leadership of the nation in the coming future is undeniable. To impulse the creativity of the students while they are still in their spring time, The Student Executive Council from The Faculty of Administration of Brawijaya University (BEM FIA UB) presented a […]

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ANNOUNCEMENT Number: 14 179 / UN10.3 / KM / 2014 Briefing of employment world for graduate candidates the 3rd period of 2014/2015, will be held on: Day: Sunday Date: 9th November 2014 Time: 08.00 – finish Speakers: Wiwin Lukitohadi, Psi, SH., Chrm, Kurnia Ristika Nestiorini, SP, Linda Ilfiana Mahalesi, Psi, Aryo Andito Dwi Putro Theme: […]

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